Terms & Conditions

1. “Youth Enterprises” is the organiser of the Offer/scheme.

2. The Offer shall commence on 26 Jan. 2019 at 03:00 P.M. until 50,000 customers (“Valid Period”).
Entries submitted before or after the Valid Period will not be eligible.

3. One gift reserved for per customer /per transaction.
The gifts will be decided on Order number by randomly selecting method.

4. The notice of completion of the Offer/scheme will be announced through Youth Enterprise’s official website(i.e. - www.youthenterprises.co.in)Youth Enterprises reserve the rights to change date of announcement.

5. All information provided by Customers cannot be changed after registration/transaction. If any information provided on the registration page is found to be incomplete, misleading or inaccurate, that registration/transaction shall be deemed invalid. Youth Enterprises shall bear no responsibility if customers cannot receive allotted gift’s notifications or cannot redeem the gift due to any fake, incomplete or incorrect information provided.

6. Customer must provide a valid mobile phone number supporting SMS function in order receive a one-time pass code for identity verification. If the registered mobile phone number does not carry SMS function or is not in use, invalid or has been changed at the time of gift redemption, the customer will be disqualified.

7. Youth Enterprises reserve right to disqualify any registration/transactionwhere it is found improper without assigning any reason.

8. Customers agree and authorize Youth Enterprises to publish, display, or use their names, mobile numbers and/or allotted gifts photos and videos taken at the time of gift redemption for marketing, promotional and publicity purposes. Any refusal to the foregoing shall disqualify the allotter’s entitlement to the gift.

9. This scheme is for increasing sales only. Do not consider this as lottery/lucky draw/prize draw/contest/sweepstake. Cash amount will not be paid in exchange of the gift or no other gift article is to be exchanged instead of allotted gift item.

10. All photos, specifications and information of gifts are provided by corresponding suppliers and are for reference only. The actual gift shall be considered as final.

11. Cash refund will not given under any circumstance.

12. The gift cannot be re-sold, changed or ged to cash, credit or any other goods or services. The gift is non-replaceable, non-transferable, non-refundable and non-returnable.

13. All customers will be notified by email with details of gift redemption within two weeks after the scheme has ended i.e. after 50,000 customers.

14. Each customer must hold their original identification documents and the redemption email to redeem the gift in person at Youth Enterprises Email (Email Address: support@youthenterprises.in). All gifts must be claimed by the date stated in the redemption email. Any unclaimed gift will be forfeited after the redemption period(i.e. 15 days).

15. The customers will be given their gifts. within 45 days after the date of claim.

16. Youth Enterprises makes no warranties or representations of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory, with respect to the gifts. Youth Enterprises accepts no liability or responsibility for any matters relating to the gift including the quality of the gift and/or services provided by the corresponding suppliers.

17. Youth Enterprises shall not be responsible for any delayed, lost, wrong, or unrecognizable answer, entry or submission due to technical disruption or error, network congestions or for any other reason. In the event of a dispute over any answer, entry or submission, Youth Enterprise’s decision shall be final.

18. Each Eligible Customer’s participation in the Offer/scheme is voluntary and he/she shall participate in the Offer/scheme at his/her own risk. Youth Enterprises shall not be responsible for any loss, damages, costs, claims, proceedings (including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential loss) incurred or suffered by the Eligible Customer as a result of his/her participation in the Offer/scheme.

19. Each Eligible Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Youth Enterprises. harmless from all claims or demands in connection with his/her breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, or his/her violation of any law or rights of a third party.

20. Youth Enterprises has the discretion to disqualify and claim compensation from any Eligible Customer who Youth Enterprises, in its sole discretion, suspects
(i)Is undertaking or in connection with any unusual or suspicious activities
(ii)Is using inappropriate method or committing fraud to interrupt operation and interfere any part of the Offer/scheme, causing technical problems, or detects
(iii)Any dishonest conduct, false or inaccurate information provided or
(iv) Any breaches of these Terms and Conditions or any other applicable law or regulation, without notice or reason, and without any liability to any person.

21. The rules of the Offer/scheme is subjected to change with/without notice as decided by Youth Enterprises.