Vastu-Shastra is the soul of your Home.
Vastu-Shastra effects on Environment.
Vastu-Shastra is useful for healthy and happy life.
Vastu-Shastra is not a superstition it's a pure famous science.
Vastu-Shastra is a ,science which is depends on 4 important directions which are (East, West, South, North).


Why East direction emitted Possitive Energy & West direction emitted Negative Energy ???

We get high power energy from East direction similarly.At the time of sunrise sun will emmites the Ultra-Violet-Rays which is helpful or beneficial for your health.At the time of sunset sun will emmites the Infra-Red-Rays which is harmful for your health.

Importance of Vastu-Shastra Using Universal Energy???
When we do Vastu-Shastra in your home. after 90 days it will be work on your home.In this time period negative energy will remove from your home & Positive Energy means Universal Energy preserve in your home.





When we do right use of this Universal Energy then you will get all your wish complete for that you want to do follow some Instructions to feel Positive Energy.


1) Every morning you have to do at least 10 minute meditation.
2) Repete your desires at least 9 times when you deeply calm.
3) Similarly, Using Universal Energy we can make your life Happy, Wealthy, Prosperity & also we can complete your dreams successfully.