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8 June 2019

What is Interior for Bathroom

Don’t forget that the color you choose will affect the overall ambience and feeling in the space.

23 June 2019

What is Interior for Pooja Room

Pooja or prayer rooms are designed to create a sacred space where we send our prayer vibrations to the Gods we adore.

8 July 2019

Importance of vastu for Staircase

There have been many instances where a family – or an individual – faces severe money and health problems; when accurate vastu analysis of such houses was done;

13 June 2019

What is Interior for Study Room

The study room is a space that should reflect a person’s character and individuality. It should be organized, furnished and decorated in a way that allows the user to feel comfortable.

28 June 2019

What is Types of Pooja Room Designs

Simple Pooja Room Design : The simple pooja room design is highlighted by an soft lighting.

13 July 2019

What is Vastu non-Complaint Stairs

Health Related Issues: Frequent accidents – lethal and minor, ill health of children in a family, breathing problems; blood related medical issues and rare lethal diseases.

18 June 2019

What is Interior for Toilet

Toilets is actually the place where we take a bath or a refreshment. No wonder this is an important part of a home and it is the place where we should feel comfortable.

3 July 2019

What is Vastu for Staircase

Staircases are an important part of each and every multistory house. Using the staircase you can move from one level of home to another level – easily .

18 July 2019

What is Staircase vastu tips

You can construct external staircase in South-East facing East, South-West facing West, North-West facing North and South-West facing South.