Vastu-Shastra for Living Room

Vastu-Shastra for Living Room ???

1) Location of Living Room
A) North-West Location : The north-west quadrant,is perfect place for Living Room.
B) Northen Location: This location helpfull for the make your life healthy and wealthy with positive vibrations.

2) Vastu-color's for the leaving room
Choose light colors to avoid darkness in living room and because of light color your mood get freash and spread the feeling of warmth.
The color of wall should be

3) Advantages of Vastu-Shastra for Living Room
A) A living room in north brings lot of health and wealth for entire family.
B) West entrance for living area is good for scolers & researches.
C) Promote financial prosperity.
D) Create supporting and stress-free enviornment.
E) Enhance creativity and intelligence.