Vastu for Pooja Room

What is Vastu for Pooja Room ???

The place of Pooja Room are is very positive to ensure for the home's inhabitants.
Space of Pooja-Room is very important cause "Space serves as a daily reminder to connect with yourself and with the devine."

Vastu Shastra Guidelines for the Pooja Room

1. Place light or Diya in the south-east corner of the pooja room.

2. Keep this area neat, clean and also, clutter-free. Space of worship should be invoked simplicity and cleanliness.

3. This room or zone should be strictly used for the prayer and meditation purpose only.

4. Pooja room should not be placed below a toilet located on the upper floor.

5. Do not place pooja room and toilet facing each other.

6. Use colors of tranquility like white, orange or silver which enhance the space for meditation. These colors are uplifting and energizing.

7. At pooja room, our burden becomes lighter, and we can be touched by hands of spirit.

8. You need to take time out of your day to reflect, meditate, and pray. Even spending a few minutes in prayer zone will bring inner strength to carry you through the high and low in your life.

9. Do not overcrowd your pooja room. Stick to necessity only to keep this space sacred.

10. Due to the shortage of space, some people keep the pooja room in a bedroom or kitchen. Keep a small curtain in the front while not using a pooja room.