Vastu for Study Room

What is Vastu for Study Room ???

The place where you are doing study that place must be vastu compliant.Because of vastu compliant that place must be emmites positivity vibrations which is very useful while you doing study and also the place which increases retention power of brain; the place where one is comfortable and can study undisturbed.

Studying needs a lot of attention, concentration and focus so when we do vastu compliant home that is very useful for our study and for successive life.

If the study room in your home is vastu compliant so that while studying, the concentration and focus are sharpened and the process of gaining – and even retaining – the knowledge becomes easy..

Vastu tips for Study Room:

1. West South West Zone
South-West corner of the house/room is the Best direction for Studying and face towards the North-East while studying.

2. Goddess Saraswati
A study room or a prayer room must always consist of a photo frame or an idol of Goddess Saraswati for her blessing.

3. Face West Direction
There are certain directions, as per Vastu depending upon which subjects are being studied. For example, to achieve proficiency in mathematics and science, students should study facing the West.

4. Effect of Facing South
If one studies facing the South, he/she develops good debating skills, logical abilities and sharp business mind.

5. East for Spiritual Practices
For creative or religious kind of studies and practices, one should study facing the East.

6. West Direction for Concentration
Children who do not concentrate on their books and are frequently distracted should study facing the West.

7. Avoid Beams and Lofts
Do not sit under a beam or a loft while studying, as it increases the stress level.

8. Clutter Free room
Always keep the Study Room free from clutter, as this will keep you away from distraction while studying.

9. Avoid Distracting Frames
Study Room should not contain any distracting paintings or pictures in front of you that can break your concentration.

10. Source of Light
A study lamp or any source of light should be placed on the left of you study table to increase concentration.

11. Pyramid for Grabing universal Energy
Place a small crystal pyramid or any pyramid shaped object on your study table, as pyramid has the power to attract universal cosmic energies.

12. Positive Thoughts for Positive Results
Try to keep positivity in the atmosphere of the area where you are studying, by keeping the room lit with white light, but natural light from the sun is the best.

13. Colors
The color effect in Study Room must be lighter like white, cream color while we use lighter color that time we get more sunlight and because of sunlight we get more positive vibrations. Don’t use darken color.